Plumeria Winter Care //

Plumerias are deciduous shrubs that are at home either in a patio container or in the garden. Also known as frangipani, the sweet-smelling white, yellow and pink blooms are native to Mexico, Central and South America, They are now popular world-wide, and are widely used in Hawaii to create leis. Plumerias are a. I'm brand new in the hobby of Plumeria trees. What do you do for the winter? I lost 2 plants last year but bot 4 more and this summer they have done great outside in pots. The fall and winter are too cold and I must bring them in to my basement. Also,they need to be repotted. Questions: Do I repot.

The way you care for your plumeria depends on the season of the year. Bring your plants out of storage in the spring, watch them grow and bloom in the summer, prepare for dormancy and storage in the fall, and store them for the winter. Plants may be left outside if there is no damage of frost of freeze.
Leave out as weather cools and leaves will drop—the plant goes to sleep and can be stored thusly in a dark closet, basement, or room all winter with no care at all. It is wise though to check once a month and if it looks shriveled, then give it a small drink of water and then do not water again until spring. Plants which are planted in the ground. Fall & Winter are periods of dormancy and very little care is necessary, when temperatures in the day drop below 60 degrees the plumeria will stop growing and prepares for 'hibernation', this is the time to stop feeding the plant with fertilizer and reduce watering. During winter no water is needed, the plumeria goes fully dormant dropping most of its leaves. Plumeria Winter Care & Dormancy. If you live in a cold climate like I do, you can’t grow plumerias outside year round. Plumerias are tropical plants one of the best tropical plants if you ask me!, and won’t tolerate the cold. But, as I’ve already mentioned a few times, plumerias go dormant during the winter.

When growing plumeria plants in pots, use a coarse, well-draining potting mix—cactus mix or perlite and sand should be fine. Care for Plumeria. Plumeria care, for the most part, is minimal. While plumerias don’t like wet feet, they should be watered deeply when irrigated and then allowed to. Plumeria Care Regimen. I would like to share our vision of the best Plumeria care regimen for all plumeria growers. I hope the following helps you with your goals and plans for the year. The goal is to know what, when and why, so you can improve every year by giving your plumeria. Plumeria can make a wonder landscape addition and well suited to potting culture as well. If you choose to plant in your yard, you only need to consider your winter lows, I will explain more under the frost protection section. It is believed that plumeria never enter into a true-dormancy state.The plumeria is often defoliated at this point, and a period of prolonged chilling is required before growth resumes. The final stage of dormancy is post-dormancy. This stage is typical of later winter and early spring. Der Standort muß nicht hell sein, da die Plumeria mit dem Beginn der Winterruhe alle Blätter abwirft und daher keine Photosynthese durchführen kann. Ein Keller oder eine Garage sind also absolut gut geeignet um die Plumeria zu überwintern. Bitte lassen Sie Ihre Plumeria im Winter.

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